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E-commerce stores have seen exponential growth in the last few years – but do they have the logistics to keep up?
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Ecommerce fulfilment and pick and pack
When you sell unique goods online, you need the service and fulfilment to match your offering. Our service gives you the reassurance that we will continue to delight your customers and fulfil their expectations every time.

Southern Storage and Transport’s philosophy is to work closely with you and help support your business. There is no such thing as over committing, our aim is to be a useful resource within your network.

We offer an honest approach in which we will meet your deadlines to reduce the possibilities of any unwanted surprises or disappointed customers.

When delivering to B2C customers, you need to offer a wide variety of services. Within this industry every customer is different – due to the products they order through to the manner in which they require the delivery.

We believe you and your clients are the most important people in the delivery chain, and aim to grow the bond between you and your customer. We are with you for the long haul and we are actively motivated to help your business succeed.

We have the capability to deliver within 24 hours, offer a timed service, same day service, tail lift delivery and even a 2 man delivery.

You need to be able to exceed the customers expectations and we are here to help with this as part of your service. We can meet your distribution needs whether the package is for the UK or globally.

Ecommerce Order and Fulfilment UK
Ecommerce Order and Fulfilment UK
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