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When dealing with components used in the aerospace industry, you require innovative solutions on an epic scale.
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The aerospace industry for the United Kingdom is the second largest national aerospace industry in the world. The industry employs around 113,000 people directly and around 276,000 partners, with an annual turnover of over £20 billion.

At Southern Storage, we have extensive experience dealing with aerospace customers. One of our customers is a global leader in manufacturing and overhauling aerospace industry structures and systems, with their HQ in America.

As a diverse storage and distribution provider, we are accustomed to meeting their bespoke needs. We are called upon on a daily basis to collect and deliver detailed parts to ensure we maintain their production or repairs in the most cost effective manner.

We are skilled in inventory management; from receiving and storing goods, to despatching the final components required. We can only achieve this through our intrinsic understanding of the industry and through the way we meet our customers every requirement.

We offer a dedicated service to collect or deliver upon request. We have a variety of customers who require a direct delivery as not all pallet networks will accept their products through their network hubs. Some of our customers require a same-day delivery for peace of mind when transporting high value consignments.

We can meet your distribution needs whether your consignment is for the United Kingdom or worldwide.
Aerospace Order and Fulfilment UK
Aerospace Order and Fulfilment UK
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