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Cosmetic and Personal Care

“Our services encompass all that is required to deliver your logistics solution successfully every time”

Southern Storage and Transport has worked within the closely controlled supply chain for storage and distribution of cosmetics and personal care products for over 15 years.

We specialise in the storage, order fulfilment and distribution, with almost all work coming through recommendation and repeat business. We believe this is due to our ethos that ‘a client is for life’.

We can only achieve relationships like this through our intrinsic understanding of the cosmetic distribution industry, and by meeting our customers every changing requirements successfully every time.

Our services include:

  • Complete visibility through the supply chain through good information management.
  • Customer specific manifests with individual pallet itinerary.
  • Stock pick via ‘first in, first out’, best before date or batch number and more.
  • Pallet racking and bulk storage options.
  • Timed specific booking of deliveries, heat treated pallets, dangerous goods notices.
  • Complete stock management.
  • Capability to receive/unload container shipments within our warehouse.

Some of our customers have over 300 materials within their portfolio ranging from oils, minerals, anti-ageing products, hair care products, skin care, antioxidants and exfoliates. We have the experience and expertise to store and distribute their product ranges.

We offer our customers the capability to reach their vast customer bases worldwide every day. All our customers’ customers have unique requirements and our goal is to actively exceed them.