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Our Approach

Close working relationships and industry knowledge give us the ability to be your best partner.

At Southern Storage and Transport we pride ourselves with delighting and exceeding our customers, and your customers expectations.

We have a level of trust with all customers we work with that allows us direct communication with our delivery destination, and the self automation of your fulfilment process from the placement of an order through the confirmed delivery.

Our philosophy is to work closely with and help to support your business. There is no such thing as over committing because our aim is to be one of the most useful resources in your network. We offer an honest approach in which we will meet your deadlines to reduce the possibility of any unwelcome surprises.

We identify your client as a person, and recognise the importance of growing the bond between you. We are with you for the long haul and actively motivated to help your business succeed – almost a silent business partner to help you grow for years to come.