Running out of warehouse space? Try our 3PL services
Running out of warehouse space? Try our 3PL services
Using a 3PL facility: The term comes from the military, a provider of outsourced logistics services. This can be the most cost-effective method to assist with additional space requirements or order fulfilment services.

If you are fulfilling 15 orders plus per day then you could consider a third-party partner. There is generally no long-term commitment and you will only pay for the space you use.They will offer a fixed price matrix based on the size of area you are using so you will be better placed when planning around your budget.

Southern Storage offers software integration options directly on to your platform with remote access to reports, stock levels, order history and more. We have invested heavily in our warehousing software to reduce duplicate data entry utilising barcodes throughout the warehouses. If you are looking at growing your business then look at our services, the correct partner can add value, knowledge and experience to your business.

We offer no set up charges, no fixed charges or minimum volume to order or store. Our aim is to grow with you, building a strong partnership for supply chain success.

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