50,000sq Foot of Archive Storage
50,000sq Foot of Archive Storage
Despite the modern business being more security conscious than ever, there will always be a requirement for businesses to archive confidential paper documents. Many businesses will store documents for both audit purposes and legal requirements, however, storing large volumes of documents on site can be reduce your space for day to day working.Storing your documents off site can be a solution in which you can still have access but not within your premises, valuable space in your premises for continued growth.

At Southern Storage & Transport we have recently converted 5,000 Sq. Ft for small item archive storage.The estate and premises are covered by CCTV and security bollards at the entrance.We are accredited with ISO9001 for quality management.

We can offer access to your documents within 1 hour from request with a private meeting room to allow document review in privacy.

At Southern Storage & Transport all cartons are barcoded individually with your unique reference and date for secure destruction.All your records are accessible with our web portal which can show current archive holding and the history of the transactions.

We can offer a collection and delivery service to assist with the complete process.

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